Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not the happiest of times.

First it was raining at a time when it ought to have been sunny, and then my winky started to hurt. Then my hock got big and FarmWife refused to believe that it was all her imagination. Then I got put on a diet, and taken to Dr.—, who tortured me to within an inch of my life AND messed with my winky, which by the way feels fabulous today (thanks for asking). Now I am not allowed to summit precipitous slopes for at least two more weeks, and FarmWife has had to slather my hock with disgusting medicine. This medicine transpires through my hock and straight to my mouth, where it infuses my breath with the odor of rotten garlic and dead things. Meanwhile, FarmWife has left me and gone to work, where she spends Saturdays sitting inside earning money. Unfortunately, it is only a small amount of money and not nearly enough to pay for the assassination of Dr.— which she probably would not be in support of anyway.She actually likes that guy.

Tomorrow I am going to pull myself together and put on a brave face—perhaps write One Dozen Reasons Why it is Excellent to be a Mule—but today I am going to cry into my trough. Pity Party, My Place, Now. You're all invited.

Yours dejectedly,

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  1. Everyone needs a good cry every now and then, Fenway. Just ask your FarmWife for some pats and she'll understand. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I think some should put his hooves up and enjoy a carrot martini, or are you a beer kinda mule?



  4. Fenway Bartholomule, hope the dejection clears post-haste! I am looking forwards to your One Dozen Reasons list in eager anticipation!

  5. Fenway, if it is any consolation, I bet the FarmWife smells and tastes garlic too while she is sitting inside making not much money. Sorry you are under the weather, tomorrow is another day. Let us know how you are and get well soon!


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