Monday, May 17, 2010

Mules in the News!

Check page 19 for FarmWife's mule photo, which made it into the premier issue of Grow Northwest (a magazine on food and farming in the Pacific Northwest). If you are a clever detective you will be able to find a feature article by my dear human as well.


  1. Hay Fenway - that Jasper Jules is one cute goat and pulling the kids around - very cute.

    Your fren

  2. Buddy, thanks! He's sort of a tool, but I love him. He's a good sidekick—loyal, slow, unlikely to upstage me . . .


  3. Beautiful goat! never could replace a mule, but handsome none the less.

  4. Beth, thanks. I think my beauty might be sort of contagious. He was gawky when I met him but he's become more sleek and substantial under my good influence. (It has nothing to do with his aging from 1.5 to 3 in that time).

    XOXO, FB


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