Sunday, May 30, 2010

If Walking Skeletons Make You Cry . . .

 . . . then don't click without grabbing your tissues!
Photo Gallery of Neglected Equines
More Details from the HSUS

49 emaciated horses, donkeys and mules were seized this weekend from a horse trader in Wayne County, W. VA. I haven't any more details on the story, but the photos are terrible. Readers—please write in with your updates if you have them!

In the meantime, I'm going to stop my foolish braying about getting no more than two scant flakes daily of good orchard grass hay plus limited grazing, occasional treats, and an enriched salt block. I've got it good.

Your concerned friend,


  1. Fenway, in the video the neighbors say they've been watching "starvation and death" in that pasture for TEN YEARS. I say line them up and kick them with your mule hooves, repeatedly.

    People who do not act to stop cruelty, are as guilty as the abuser.

  2. Trot on over to this blog, Fenway.
    she took on a large seizure recently in WV. The family and I traveled to see all the ponies and horses that she rescued. What an improvement! They're all doing great. Search for the 'Fairmont' horses.


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