Monday, May 10, 2010

A conversation

Me: I've got bug bites on my chest.

FarmWife: My pooooor Baaaaaby!!

Me: Now, that's a bit much. I'll live.

FarmWife: You'll be safer if you wear this.

Me: This?! This tattered old bathrobe? This rag that, by the way, used to belong to your 16.3 hand draft cross?

FarmWife: More coverage.

Me: It looks silly.

FarmWife: Bugs hate light blue.

Me: I see the bugs in the sky, FarmWife. Remind me what color the sky is?

FarmWife: Oh stop. You look wonderful.

At least I get to wear my cool flymask, too. It makes up for the dorky pajamas.


  1. Dear Fenway, my man servant tells me that today the newest issue of Mules and More magazine was delivered and, as he is his habit, he retired to a hot bath to read this literary masterpiece of muledom. And, this is soooo exciting, he came across an article about, none other than Fenway Bartholomule!!!! Fenway, my ear friend, you are truly famous, a celebrity mule! Man servant tells me there are photos too and that, I hesitate to even mention this, that we bear some resemblance to each other. Man servant’s wife has now stolen the magazine, so that she can read about you too. (She rides a very colourful short ear with a delightful personality, but still, I believe she harbors a severe case of mule envy.) Oh well, not everyone can be fortunate enough to have a mule as the center of their lives. I digress, Fenway, I shall toast your success with a long pull from the stock tank tonight! Your friend, Doc in Delaware

  2. Ah just seeing this

    Boggy hocks and ankles and bugs

    could be connected

    I got fly spray and bug clothes out 2 weeks ago

    then it snowed

    But it is here for good

    for sure

    Jaybird is always good for one hives attack per season . We keep Diphenhydramine and Aveeno soak at the ready

  3. Doc, if we have a resemblance in our physical features, count your blessings. I'm often told I'm gorgeous! Thanks for coming by, and thanks for reading about me in Mules and More. Getting famous is more fun with wonderful fans like you! Someday you can say, "it was Fenway who told me to wear my hair like this," and the Mollies can say, "ooooh, Doc, Wow!!" and you will feel like a stud even though you are sterile and probably neutered.

    Upupaepops, I wish I had taken note of whether my hock was bitten by a bug this week. I'm sure my chest was, and my girth, and my sheath!

    XOXO Sylvia!


  4. nickers Fenway!
    wee nasty bugs cause problems to me as well: i'm sort of allergic to the spit (yeurgh!) of some of them, but my biped found that Neem oil helps keep them away (bugs, horseflies, ticks, etc.). well, maybe not completely away, but at least i'm protected: no more bites, nor allergies! she also pours an omoeopathic remedy she swears by in my water: it's called Eupatorium Purpureum. you could suggest FarmWife to find some good, organic, plain Neem oil, and brush it lovingly on your already shiny coat and fluffy belly. and since she is a poet and a minstrel, she could sing an incantation to keep bugs away while she brushes you. my biped does. well..., she's no minstrel, mind you, but she can croak them away allright...
    be well, whinnies and nosebumps,
    your short-eared friend Rodrigo

  5. Boggy hocks can be a sign of generalized inflammatory response and do not need to be bitten directly


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