Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Wakeup Call, and Leaving the Office

"Can't we just have ONE DAY without sibling rivalry?," I begged. "Just ONE?" It was eight am, I was at the computer composing my mule's thoughts for the day. My quarreling children, awake just one hour, were already driving me batty. 

"Then can we have one day—" my five year-old asked, "just one—without computer work?" 

My heart broke a little bit. She was right. I owed it to her to unplug. 

I love writing—blogging, especially, and getting feedback from readers who connect. Knowing that my thoughts, profound or mundane though they might be, can inform. enlighten, amuse, or inspire. Feeling powerful, talented, well-liked, and understood. 

It's an addictive feeling.

I started as an offshoot from my mule's facebook page, which has blossomed from nothing at all to a busy forum for 500+ longears lovers in a matter of a few months. I've had a blast with it. 

I started to placate family members who felt they'd had enough of listening to my mule. I wanted to tell them my story, and I've been surprised by the path it's taken. It was supposed to be an episodic blog, a book in daily posts, on the subject of life in Wickersham and its little moments. It's turned out to be something rather introspective. Therapeutic. Rewarding beyond my expectations. 

I started when my ads on the other two blogs accumulated $20 odd dollars in revenue over the course of five days. In the 30-odd days since, they've accumulated nothing at all, but the fun of posting a pet of the day and a photo here and there of my beautiful Fairy Rabbit is reward enough. I'm ditching adsense, but not without retaining the goal of writing, somehow, for profit. 

I (and my animals) will keep blogging, and at this volume. I'm going to cut back my facebook presence, though. After all, Fenway's truest fans will find him wherever he brays. Puddle Run is a twice-a-week commitment, and well worth it for me. It keeps me writing, and writing keeps me thinking. 

Fairy Rabbit takes five minutes, three days a week. Fans can expect Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday updates—short and sweet, like my Harry. 

And for the other 23+ hours of every day, I am going to get off this computer and live. Life, after all, is what I blog about.

Your grateful author,

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