Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The View from Up There

Just in case you were wondering what it is like to be FarmWife, we thought we'd share with you this little photographic demonstration of the splendors of riding me, Fenway Bartholomule, bareback. Handy text boxes show you the key sights, in case you wouldn't have noticed them for yourself. These include a bored expression; a furry wintery poll; smooth, summery ears; shoulder bars and a dorsal stripe; a saddle sore scar from a long-ago time; and FarmWife's ridiculously bright high-vis jacket.

Be warned: the high you get from gazing down my tremendous neck can be addictive. One look and you may never be the same.


  1. Fenway, you forgot to mention about the beautiful muscled neck that is just meant for stroking. FarmWife is one lucky lady.

  2. Hello, Fenny, darling.

    Glad to see the fish friends have returned. I think your neck is adorable, but the ears have it. Good good good for FarmWife. I'm sure her bareback mounting exercises have made her ever more appreciative of your mulish grace and aplomb (not to mention obstacle surmounting ability, not that you're exactly an obstacle...)

    Love, Ali in Port Townsend

  3. Dear Mr Bartholomule.
    I love your blog. There are 5 minidonkeys who live here but they don't have blogs. I do write about them once in a while. You long-ears are so very smart.

  4. Thank you all! Dawn, my neck is something, isn't it? One of FarmWife's greatest fears is that she will never again find a mule with a neck like mine.

    Margaret, do your donkeys sing for you? I think I would just melt with delight if I heard five of those wonderful voices going at once.

    Ali, you would think I was Mount Everest, the way FarmWife clambers up me . . .

  5. the mini donk that i donkey-sit for sings for me. she sings for her breakfast, and her dinner. :-) i even have a video of her braying, and her chasing me in a different video.


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