Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My photo shoot

These are the results of our fashion photo shoot this morning. FarmWife wanted to model her new t-shirt from the Grand Canyon, which was a gift from a wonderful fan and which happens to be her favorite clothing color (brown, like me, Fenway Bartholomule). I wanted to model my new neck ring, which FarmWife made out of things and scraps and which is a nice alternative to a halter and leadrope for Casual Fridays.

All photographs were taken by D., larval human, who is only five years old and who did a great job considering—especially if you remember that humans and mules mature at different rates.


  1. Fenway. I love your necklace, and Farmwife's shirt looks wonderful. You look much bigger than your stated stature. As always, you look, as does Farmwife, wonderful. I hope you have a great night. :-)

  2. Larval human takes very nice pictures, She may have a talent there! Love the shirt Fenway! Makes me want to go get a mule!

  3. Jenn, I did have a great night. An evening gallop up the pipeline trail with FarmWife, a particularly succulent flake of hay, and a warm morning with the soft wet smell of blossoms drifting over Wickersham.

    Beth, we will pass on your compliment. Larval human is a good mulerider, too!


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