Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If it can be done, a mule can do it.

Well, the title might be a bit of a broad stroke, but really—we are an adaptable and multitalented race.

We can cooperate, or we can think for ourselves:

We can shine: 


  1. oh fenway, you are so beautiful. i am so jealous of farmwife. I wish that I could meet you. Again, you bring a huge smile to my face, and after the day/week/month that I have had, it is a wonderful thing for that to happen. Even my fiance and doggies would agree with you. I love seeing pictures of you, and love reading your blog, and facebook. I even get the updates on my cellphone. Thank you fenway for learning to type/dictate.


  2. Wow, some of those videos were really interesting. You mules are incredible, Fenway. Thank you for sharing all of this. I think though, just being Fenway is pretty wonderful too.

  3. Dear Jenn and Dawn,

    Thank you both for saying such nice things about me! If I were not already dark brown, I think I might blush.

    Jenn, I am sorry that you have had the kind of day/week/month that requires the consolation of a friendly mule. I hope that today's blog post (to follow . . . it will be about cute baby goats) will lift your spirits.

    Your friend,
    Fenway Bartholomule


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