Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hair Styles and Me

Dear Readers, 

It's a sunny Sunday in Wickersham and we've a trail ride to enjoy, but I wanted to take a quick moment to answer this pressing question: have I, Fenway Bartholomule, ever appeared with my mane intact?

Karen W. writes, "Great pictures! Looks like a fun outting too. I'm curious Fenway, does Farmwife roach your mane? I just realized I've never seen a mule wearing a long mane, are they always shaved, or do you not grow mane?"

Karen, most mules have a sparse mane. This means, for most of us, that a roach is the way to go. The exception to this rule would be the case of the ewe-necked mule, or the mule whose topline is so unFenwayish as to require a little bit of illusory additional width. 

Here is a photo of me, Fenway, when I still belonged to the neighbors and had my mane and tail intact. You'll note that I had a nice, fluffy little mane, and a long, beautiful tail, but that the big picture is a bit more casual than my current classic look. 

I have a busy day of playing, braying, shining and dining in store for me, so I'll leave off here. Until next time!

Your friend,


  1. Your are so much more handsome and shiny!

  2. Fenway, you are a glorious mule!

  3. Fenway, I like the soft mane look.

  4. You're too kind! Anonymous, never fear . . . I can grow it back at the drop of a hat. I may do that one day, but for now FarmWife is having too much fun with the scissors and mustn't be stopped.


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