Friday, March 5, 2010

Who was your heart horse?

Have you loved a horse (or a mule, or a donkey) the way FarmWife loves me? Is your equine love with you now, or has the horse of your heart passed beyond the plane of earthly existence, or out of your ownership and control?

I, Fenway Bartholomule, am the second true love in FarmWife's equestrian life. The first, Panda, died in April of 2002 after giving young FarmWife the best start a rider could have. Panda was not the first horse in FarmWife's life, and he was not to be the last. He was not the only good horse, and not the only beloved horse of her childhood, but he was the greatest. Panda was a horse of such noble character that I, Fenway Bartholomule, presently feel compelled to bestow upon him the posthumous and supremely dignified title of Honorary Mule. His Honorary Muleness Panda deserves no lesser accolades.

For those of you who have loved and lost, know this: there is yet another heart horse out there for you. He may not come wearing the same clothing as the one you miss, and you may not recognize him at first. He may not even be a horse.
FarmWife spent nigh on a decade daydreaming of cobby pintos before she noticed two brown ears of particular majesty peering over the back fence. Now, while I can never replace Panda, I share something with him. Something other than bravery, intelligence, and kindness. That something is FarmWife's adoration, her admiration, and her unconditional love. Panda and I fit neatly, side by side, inside her heart.

Who was the horse, or mule, for you? Did you own him, or was she a lesson horse, a leased mule, a borrowed zebra? Do you know him now, or did she pass away? Tell me!

Blogger comments can be finicky, but I want to hear from you. If your first attempt at posting a comment goes sour, please try again. The second attempt usually works.

Ears to your heart horse, wherever he may be, Ears to HHM Panda (may he rest in peace), and Ears to You.



  1. I too, am a heart horse. BarnMom found me just a few short months ago, and we are truly best friends already. BarnMom has told me though, that she still misses her last heart horse, Favor. He wasn't a Quarter Horse like me, of course, but I have heard that Morgans have some good qualities, and based on her comments, I can sense he was quite a guy. I like to think of him as a big brother who has moved on to greener pastures. So, basically, it's an honor to follow in his footsteps. Mine are a bit more careful though. Afterall, BarnMom's not getting any younger, and she shares me with her weanling and GrandBarnMom, who she expects me to take very good care of.

    Neighs chatting with you - Junior

  2. Hello Fenway, Doc in Delaware here. I am my man servant's one and only. The man servant has never had a horse before, he was wise and held out for mule-- despite his wife's constant trolling of dreamhorse looking for an equine for him. The man servant is so besotted with me that he drove through a blizzard last week to attend a, ahem, horse expo in hopes of finding me some new items of apparel. He was unsuccessful, but I appreciated his eagerness to please me and I will reward him this weekend by allowing him an especially delightful trai ride. Most sincerely yours, Doc in Delaware

  3. My heart horse is actually a pony. Tony to be exact. I had a horse growing up and I miss her, but my love is my Tony the Pony, who is currently the best friend of Laila the miniature mule. I have a Morgan Mare and I love her too. She is my eye candy, but Tony has my heart!

  4. Thank you for the stories, heart-horses and friends! It is a very special honor to be a heart-mule, and protecting the trust, love and adoration of my human is a serious responsibility. That's why I never laugh at her when she comes out to feed me in her pajamas.

  5. Of course I love my Moon Baby! Well, not *MY* Moon really, but I am plotting a plan to steal her away forever. And I'm sure she loves me as well... Not as much as apples, sweet feed, and summer grass, but I'm up there somewhere.

    And then there's Cody, whom I love despite his terrible temper and apparent fascination with seeing he can make people can fly. I've been telling him for God knows how long that we are much too heavy and it is not worth the trouble, but he refuses to believe me. I admire his persistence, but would really love if he would find a new guinea pig.

    *Limps off*

    Good talking with you, Fenway!

  6. My heart horse is Flash, the first horse I ever personally owned.

    I was 26 when I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. The breeder told me to pick out the baby horse I wanted (1 & 2 year olds) so I drove out to see what she had available. I decided to look at the 2 year old because I wanted something a little close to riding age. I saw a lovely gray named Moose and asked to see him. While the breeder was out trying to catch him I decided to lean up against the fence of the broodmare/yearling pasture. All of a sudden I felt warm breath on my ear and a head on my shoulder. When I turned around it was a very small, orange colored yearling. Immediately I realized that I had been "chosen".

    This cute little yearling was actually the foal of a horse I had been leasing from the breeder for about 6 months. I took Flash home that day. And he will be with me until the day he crosses the rainbow bridge...

    He is game for doing anything that strikes my fancy... from packing around handicapped kids, to endurance racing (which he loves), to chasing cattle (which he hates but will do because he knows I like it).

    Flash is my amazing heart horse... I am blessed!!

  7. The heart horses who will do anything you ask them too are the best, aren't they? My heart human is like this, too. I say, "scratch my ears," she scratches my ears. I say, "get me a latte," she . . . oh, wait. I guess that's where the comparison falls flat.


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