Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Once Upon a Saint Patrick's Day

There once was a mule from the county
Whose folks travelled downtown without he.
    They attended parades,
    Saw hooves dipped in limeade,
While their mule sat alone, sad and pouty.

That poor, jealous fellow, meanwhile, 
Could be seen turning green for a mile.
    His complexion did change
    That particular day
To the color of yon' Emerald Isle. 

Had it been a Thursday or Sat'day,
No one might have cared This way or That way,
    But it was midweek 
    And believers did seek
proof of the magic of Pat's Day.

Saint Patrick himself did descend
With a leprechaun perched on his head.
   With a rainbow about,
   To the mule he did shout,
"You're the greenest and greatest, my friend!"

The neighbors in Acme did cheer
When they saw that Saint Patrick was near,
    To the mule they did cry,
    "What a fabulous guy!"
For 'twas HE caused the dead to appear. 

By the time that his family returned,
That dear mule had turned back his brown fur,
    But there, 'round his feet,
    Clovers graced with four leaves
Grew abundantly, thicker than turf.

Naomh Pádraig had come visiting, see,
To make sure that the mule was esteemed.
    And now, every year,
    We commend the longears
For deserving such blessings from he. 

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