Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harry Bun-Bun

I am not the only four legged beast at Bent Barrow Farm with my own theme song. FarmWife sings to us all, as it happens, and I am not at all afraid of admitting this. FarmWife has a very big heart. There is room in there for all of us.

Here is the song that FarmWife sings to the miniature house mule, Harriet, who as you might recall is a mule of an altogether pearlike stature. She is not tall, but she is a mule of large heart and we love her.

Harry's anthem, sung to the tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

Harry Bun-Bun, pretty Harry Bun-Bun,
Harry Bun-Bun, silly Harry Bun-Bun,
Harry Bun-Bun, little Harry Bun-Bun!

Oh, you, pretty Harry bun-bun, little Harry bun-bun, we love you.
And, you, little Harry bun-bun, pretty Harry bun-bun, love us too.
Near, far, in our motor car, oh, what a lovely bun we have,
bun-bun, little Harry bun-bun, you make us very glad.

You're sweet, and you're nifty,
You hop very swiftly!
You're fine, and you're lovely and you're sleek!
You're nice and delightful,
Your chompers are frightful,
The sight of you makes a day complete!

Oh Harry bun-bun, pretty Harry bun-bun,
Harry bun-bun, sweetie Harry bun-bun!
You are little Harry bun-bun,
Pretty Harry bun-bun, precious girl,
And you, little Harry bun-bun,
Sweetie Harry bun-bun, rock our world!
You are pretty as can be,
Oh Harry can't you see it's true,
Bun-bun, little Harry bun-bun,
You know we all love you!

You're oh so destructive
Your charms are seductive
And you've got us wrapped around your paw!
You're so very darling,
So sweet and disarming,
Oh, Harry, there ought to be a law!

Good Harry, soft Harry,
With a lucky paw Harry,
Harry-bun oh we love you,
Bun-bun, silly Harry bun-bun,
There's nothing you can't do! 

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