Thursday, March 25, 2010

FarmWife left my pasture gate partially closed yesterday, or perhaps the goats moved it while I was not looking. Whatever the explanation, the results were the same: A Narrowed Passageway. This is a big no-no, mulekeeping 101. My delicate hips, my tender shoulders! To think of all the accidents that could have befallen me! (They didn't, by the way, and they wouldn't have, really, because I am Sensible.)

"FarmWife," I called, "You'll want to prop that all the way open before you leave!"

She ignored me.

"FarmWife," I called, "You'll regret that later!"

She acted as though she didn't hear.

"FarmWife," I told her, "I am going to come running to you later today, and I will bray with such compelling cuteness that you will be provoked to take a video recording of the event. You will want things Just So for my movie. Open that gate all the way!"

She walked away.

Now, of course, we have a lovely video of my speedy approach. It reflects everything that is sweet about me, demonstrates all of my endearing character and affectionate charms, and stands for all that is good. She says we cannot post it on the internet because it reflects poorly on her mulekeeping standards. That half-closed gate is a B!T@H.

Well, FarmWife, my adoring public needs to see this, and I shall post it for them. Don't say I didn't tell you to open the gate.


  1. I do believe that I may be in love with Fenway!

    Jessica Strader

  2. Oh Fenway, the way you maneuvered around the gate makes me think you should talk to Farmwife regarding this discipline (I think they would allow mules to compete too).

  3. Oh, Little Big Red, this Agility Horse, if I recall correctly, was my Other Best Internet Celebrity Number 2 when I was just a new Public Figure on facebook! FarmWife and I very much want to compete in this sport, and we welcome volunteers to come to Bent Barrow Farm for an obstacle building work party.

    Jessica, this is a very common complaint. I recommend frequent sighing and prolonged mooning over my website or a printed photograph.


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