Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Discipline Haiku

Roll that peanut out
Shuffle, shuffle, hooves
Fake tail drags behind

Halt at X, fussing.
That's over. Now gallop, jump!
Lastly, stadium.

Lofty trot with schwung.
Strength, suppleness, lightness.
Yeah, yeah. More circles.

One hundred miles
Vet checks, rest stops, worn hoof boots,
Fit mounts still lively.

Moving one young steer
From here to over yonder
Harder than you'd think

You'll just need some mules,
A vehicle, harnesses,
A groom—this add$ up.

Noble blooded stock
Bred to run, to win, to earn.
Use, break, sell by pound.

Polished, braided, sleek,
He jumps, she lies on his neck.
Their tack is all in vogue.

If humans had sense
The ladies would ride astride;
The men, sidesaddle.

I, Fenway Bartholomule, issue the following disclaimer: The mules and riders pictured do not neccessarily reflect the stereotypes described in my haiku. The images were chosen to illustrate the diversity of my noble race and do not have a direct relationship to the text.


  1. Islandponies, this is me:

    Bray with feeling, and
    earn extra breakfast before
    A leisurely ride

  2. What great diversity your race has! I truly enjoy reading your blg!

  3. paintarab, thank you! Tell your friends! Blogging has offered a welcome relief to the tedium of confinement in my winter sacrifice paddock.


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