Sunday, March 14, 2010

B.B.F. Citizen Haiku

Soft white Mini Mule
No tail, no hooves. Poor wee thing!
Ears and heart, though: large.

White as driven snow
Soft, sweet. I'd sniff you, but you're
terrified of me

Little striped man,
tame tiny house tigerlet,
What? The dog likes YOU?

In your belly, Miss,
There are eight legs, and two heads.
Outside, four and one.

You dress like a mule.
Poor dog, you are not a mule.
You have no courage.

Steely lizard gaze
Feathered friend, your stare gives me 
the heebie-jeebies.
Like inside's better. As if 
the house is special.


  1. Great haiku! Thanks for sharing them. I enjoyed them and the accompanying photos immensely.

  2. Your praise is welcome
    Gratefully received, my friend
    Glad you read my blog!


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