Monday, February 22, 2010

Where's Her Babel Fish When She Needs It?

Sometimes FarmWife misunderstands me in the morning. Here's a sample conversation from breakfast today:

FarmWife: Good morning, my hungry hungry hippo!
Fenway: FarmWife!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starving!!!!!!
FarmWife: Hello, my handsome lad. I love you too.
Fenway: I have bed head and my butt itches.
FarmWife: Did you know that you're the best in the world?
Fenway: Please scratch my butt.
FarmWife: Oh, your tail is tangly! We'd better comb that, hadn't we?
Fenway: My butt.
FarmWife: It's a beautiful day. What do you say we get your blankie off?
Fenway: Actually, prior to the removal of my turnout rug I would prefer that you check on the status of that monogrammed dress sheet that I had requested. 
FarmWife: There you go, Fenny. You'll be much more comfy naked.
Fenway: My dress sheet, please.
FarmWife: Aren't you handsome under there!
Fenway: Now I'm cold. Can I have a double tall half-caf  soy hazelnut latte, please? 
FarmWife: Let me top up your trough for you.
Fenway: Not hosewater again!
FarmWife: There you are, sweetpie. 
Fenway: Drip coffee would be fine.
FarmWife: Isn't that yummy!
Fenway: You smell like coffee. And maple syrup. Do you have any pancakes in your pocket?
FarmWife: Oh, thanks for the snuggles, Fenny. 
Fenway: You must have something tastier than this hay somewhere upon your person.
FarmWife: I love you too.

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!! Thank for that. I cannot stop chuckling! I think my horse and I have a very similar conversation every evening!


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