Sunday, February 7, 2010

The new sport of Fenssage

I finally found that irregular polygon in a test. This could be the sport for me!

PeeWee level Test 1:

A    Enter under duress

X    Drift, slow, salute

       Proceed poky trot, rising

C   Spook left

E    Irregular polygon left 18-23m

Between K and A Haunches out of ring

B Careen left to centerline

C Halt, breathe, wipe brow

    Proceed, fussing jig

HXF Fussing jig, breaking to canter

F Disunited canter, either lead

Between A and F hand gallop; leap chain; exit arena


  1. You missed a move after E...taste flowers on display (maybe mules don't do that step, but my "Off The Track Thoroughbred" does).

  2. Dear Little Big Red,

    The variety of flowers being inconsistent from one venue to the next, I cannot in good conscience incorporate tasting as a standard movement. I do wholeheartly recommend tasting marigolds, nasturtiums, sweet peas, and bachelor's buttons . . .

  3. Try carnations....not the kind that have been dyed though - they'll leave your tongue a funny color.

  4. Oh yes, we're very familiar with PeeWee Level Test 1. We almost won it one time, except we lost points on the "hollow walk random polygon, stretching head into the air," because we bolted out of the arena to the right instead of left.


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