Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just at Peace.

FarmWife adores me. She really does, and there is never a moment that passes when I doubt the sincerity of that love. If she had one complaint with me, though . . . and it is not that she does have a complaint with me, because she doesn't . . . it would be that I am not quite so, how shall we say, forward as the invigorated sporthorses of her youth.

Now, I am not a kick-along sloth. I walk, trot, and canter without too much cajoling, and can even muster a hand-gallop for up to ten strides at a time when asked nicely. I have a reputation, in fact, for my lovely swinging walk, which is the envy of many a quarter horse rider on yonder trails. It is only when compared to the remembered mounts of yore that I tend to be judged too sedate.

I will freely admit that I cannot finish a cross country course ahead of Dor, the "you should go clean if you don't both die" appaloosa, and I do not take the bit in my teeth with the surging strength of Panda, the "perhaps we should try the kimberwicke" pinto. I will, however, safely carry your toddler to a tea-party at the neighbor's house, stand tied while you browse on the bookmobile, or hold your ribbon with my hoof when you run out of Scotch tape in mid-gift wrap.

There was a time in FarmWife's life when she wanted a competitive mount, and when her list of criteria appeared thus, in order of importance:

1) Sound
2) Athletic
3) Forward
4) Brave
5) Trained to 1st level dressage, novice level eventing
6) Tall
7) Fancy*
8) Sane*
9) Kind*


Now, as a busy mother of three, FarmWife cannot afford lessons, training, and entry fees. She cannot spare the time to "lunge the edge off," and the "needs regular work" set would go crazy under her two-rides-a-week regime. Her new priorities appear thus, in order of importance:



You will note that I satisfy all four of the above requirements, in addition to the having the bonus features of chiseled beauty, masculine charm and robust vigor. In addition, I am responsive. Intelligent. Funny. Charismatic. I am eager enough to see what's around the next bend on the trail, but I'm just as happy to stop and admire the view from here. I am serene. I don't worry, I stay happy, I am focused, I am willing. I am not in a hurry to get to anywhere because Here and Now is beautiful.

So yes, dear readers, perhaps it is so that I my brake is a little heavier than my accelerator. Perhaps my "take some time to smell the flowers" approach to life would not suit the Todds, Davidsons, and O'Connors of this world, but it darn well suits FarmWife. I remain, in all my serenity, her most faithful companion,


"Where there is Faith, there is Love; Where there is Love, there is Peace; Where there is Peace, there is Muleness; Where there is Muleness, there is Bliss."

Quote adapted from Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Art by Debbie Lund

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