Friday, February 12, 2010


Mules vs. goats vs. chickens—

A mule will open a gate if he wants to go through. A goat will knock you down at the gate if he wants to go through. A chicken will stare at the gate for four hours trying to figure out how to go through . . . even though it's open. 

Dogs vs. cats vs. mules—

Dogs roll in their poop. Cats bury their poop. Mules carefully classify their poop according to nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous content in order to facilitate composting expediency. 

Show people vs. trail people vs. mule people—

Show people carefully coordinate the hunter trim on their trunk with the hunter trim on the bag in which they store their Vespucci bridle. Trail people carefully calculate the total weight, the washability, and the anti-chafe qualities of their brown leather breeching, their orange nylon breastplate, their black synthetic saddle, and their blue beta reins. Mule people just stand back and say, "damn, them's some fine ears." 


  1. Very enlightening, Fenway. Thank you. However, you forgot to mention that chickens are adept at creating their own fences, should it give them access to a garden.

    Which often leads to chicken stew...but I digress...

  2. oops...I meant "gate" not "fence"


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