Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Flowers, Big Riders

Welcome Flowers! FarmWife got her first round of seeds out in the garden yesterday, the greenhouse is prepped and ready for this week's transplants, and the mule hairs are flying.

The crocuses are feeling this global warming thing—they are pony-crushingly big this year. This bay gelding at left is about 12 hh, if you were wondering. I'm all for showy blooms, but this is getting ridiculous!

Speaking of pony crushing, the FarmWife was a bit taken aback when she saw how petite I looked in a recent photo. For comparison, how do you think she fares against these honest-to-goodness pony-crushers?

In my opinion, FarmWife is well within the Appropriate Cargo Guidelines for a mule of my robust vigor. Luckily for FarmWife, it is my opinion which matters the most. It is I, after all, who has to carry her. I think she can also take comfort in the fact that her screamingly yellow safety jacket has optically-distorting qualities, while I tend to recede in the subtle quiet of serene brown.

Happy Spring,
Fenway Bartholomule

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