Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great news! We are well on our way to finding out if I am truly a Pura Raza Espanola mule of Imperial Blood. FarmWife just spoke to a man who was the former FORMER owner of me—not GB & JB, who are my facebook friends and who allowed my most recent move to Bent Barrow Farm, but the owner before THEM. Somewhere in the foggy recesses of my mind I remember him as being a nice enough sort. (We mules live in the present.) He said that he missed me (who wouldn't!) and said that his son, who misses me especially, is going to call back AND is going to put us in touch with, of all people, the very man who "bred me"! (This is human-speak for "facilitated the love match between my mother and father.") The best possible outcome of this scenario would be the emergence of a baby picture. Oooohhhh, goody. We shall see! 

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