Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fenway Bartholomule's Other Best Internet Celebrity of the Day: Squirrel Bomber

This guy is apparently even better at quickly rising to fame than I am. One day he's crashing family photos in Banff and the next he's got a front row seat with the Queen herself!

Now I am so close by degrees of separation to all of these people that I might as well be their friend myself. Thanks, Squirrel Bomber!

I should thank Swammy Rabbit over on COTH for bringing this  revolutionary rodent to my attention. Swammy has raised over $900 for CANTER in Ohio through the phenomenal psychic power of Equine Mind Reading. I think CANTER stands for Cultivating Asslike muleNess in Every Racehorse. It's a group that takes endangered thoroughbreds and places them with FarmWives of their own so that they can become more like me, Fenway Bartholomule. In addition to helping CANTER to spread the muleness, Swammy has given those equines who are less communicatively gifted than myself the opportunity to pass messages to their human owners. You know, important stuff like "less pain, more grain," or "keep being awesome." That, dear reader, is MY message for YOU.

Love, Fenway Bartholomule

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