Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breed Stereotype Haiku

An apology:
FarmWife has been quite busy,
transcriptionist tied up.

Desert sheik's steed—
Nostrils and eyes all agog,
Master of the spook.

Justin Morgan had
A horse to beat all horses
Foundation type, please!

Ich bin fancy horse
Ich cost such many dollars
Trainer rides me first

Cute as pie and strong
With a rockin' mohawk, dude
Don't call Fjords ponies.

Thin grade stud for sale
Homozygous cremello
Butt high but who cares?

Bought out of a field
Flown across the sea and bathed
Now poops gilded turds.

We fret and fuss, true.
We are honest, though, and brave
And our hearts are huge.

Breeding halter foals
Giant butts and tiny feet
Ruining good stock.

Shines in the showring
An American sporthorse?
Good brains, weird toplines.


  1. me

    Arab-Warmblood cross
    Give me everything I want!
    Just jump, and we're good.

  2. Littledog, you (your horse?) is very attractive, especially for a non-mule! The looks-decent wagon didn't pass you by . . .


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