Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's a Wrap

"One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this:  To rise above the little things." —John Burroughs

I think that this man meant that the mules should always remain senior in rank to the goats and chickens, which is not too hard (though Missy, Supreme Empress of All that the Light Touches, does offer the occasional momentary challenge). If he meant that we were supposed to be physically taller than them then that is no problem whatsoever, and in fact is so easily accomplished that I don't see why he would bother writing a sentence about it at all. So I think my first guess was right. 

Analyzing literature is only one of my strengths. This decade, 2010 through 2019, I would like to develop even more strengths. 

I will share a couple of my goals with you, my loyal readership, in order that you might be inspired to set your own aspirations on something as noble this New Year's Eve.

1. I would like to compel the FarmWife to get a reflective coat with my name and website embroidered upon it in Very Large Font. If we are going to ride in the road and make a spectacle of ourselves in our orange and yellow, it strikes me as an advertising opportunity not to be missed.

2. I would like to obtain a lock of Katie Scarlett's hair in the tradition of human courtship so that I might kick it up a notch and refer to her as my "girlfriend" or "DM" ("Dear Molly) instead of merely as my "internet girlfriend". 

3. I would like to make a Fraggle Rock video as requested by my dear fan Dr. M. I have not quite identified the exact geographic location of the Fraggle Rock cave entrances but my Cartographists are working on this. 

4. I would like to compel the FarmWife to start serving lunch every day in addition to breakfast and dinner. Since she used to go away to work every day and now she does not, this should present no difficulties. (I hope she is noticing this as she types . . . you may recall that I have hooves, and much of my blogging work is assisted by a transcriptionist).

5. I would like to learn this sport as a favor to FarmWife in exchange for my nice salt block and my extra lunch meals:  Working Equitation.   Manageability Test  Speed Test   This is because I think it would be fun for her and also because I would look very fun dressed up as a Lusitano stallion. Since my parentage is unknown, I think we can safely assume that it is possible my mother was a Lusitano. I never met my father, but perhaps he was a Andalucian cordobesan jack. This would make me terribly authentic! Isn't it exciting to contemplate?? 

6. I would like to see inside the house and find out if there really is a tank full of little fishies like the cat says. If there is, I will revise my goal thus: 

6a: I would like to compel the farmwife to get a beautiful hippocampus for her fishtank. 

Of all of these goals I think that number 5 is the only one that should take more than one calendar year to complete. This is because I do not have an obstacle course of the sort required. There is nothing that those horses can do that I cannot do myself, except possibly cantering so nicely with a rider while managing lead changes in a very small space. And cantering sideways. 

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